Utility Token Discussion

As you know one of our main goals is to create a utility token that will be given to Kangal holders for staking and build a decentralized applications ecosystem around it.

Let’s discuss anything related to this here. Would be amazing to have an implementation-oriented discussion if you know Solidity and are familiar with smart contract development, but also feel free to drop any ideas you have related to this subject.


Hey guys, amazing news! I’d like to suggest $Puppy for the name because it’s an attractive, simple, and memorable name for a coin that is the offspring of $Kangal. Thanks!


Regarding the name, I’d actually propose $HEEP :sheep: as in real life, where Kangal dogs used to protect sheep herds. The concept sounds similar to our staking mechanism too.


Not a big fan of the $heep name, it just sounds like sheep heading towards the slaughter (or rug pull) you know? if we have to go with it, maybe make it fun, like $heeples or something… i think most of us here get the sheep/kangal reference but no one buying in new will.

also there’s been this new thing where tokens are using emojis like :sheep: or :dog: as their token symbol. might be cool if we could do something like that.

My suggestion is to use $EMOJI. unrelated to kangal but catchy. and on that note, is it possible to create NFT Emojis?


:rofl:. That made my day xD

i propose $bark as an alternative :slight_smile: and the icon of this token Could be a bone

How about Paw ? its short its catchy and related to Kangal

I like $heep :upside_down_face: It’s keeping with the philosophy of Kangal Token

What about something like GUARD, FLOCK, TREATS, or BONES?

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hi i like the name $sheep also but my suggestions are $treats and $snacks

$nack or $Snack looks cool.

More for $Snack ticker SNACK

Maybe $KLEAD :thinking: like for Kangal Lead, I like it anyone agree

I like Snack too, alternatively could be dawg

I like Treats, Snack, and Dawg. They sound awesome.

Jay from Telegram proposed “$TEAK” and I can’t get over it lol… I think that’s brilliant

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Hey I like it too!! :clap:t4::clap:t4::clap:t4:

Would agree… makes me think I am being taken.

Bones I was thinking too… Heard, Snack (Scooby snacks), ohhh $Lambs (Lambs/Sheep, Lambo’s), Wools, $LAMBS I like that … $heap makes me think Im being led somewhere to be slaughtered.

I do like $teak, $lamb, $bone I think we should collect the TEAK token name… it really is brilliant in a number of ways…

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yes i think so . i will pay attention to the new