[Proposal] [Discussion] Airdrop Utility Token for Kangal buyers

Hey kangalians I was thinking the crypto community loves airdrops!

I was thinking of setting aside a certain amount of the new Utility token (whatever name we vote on) let’s say $teak and airdropping some to $kangal buyers within a certain amount of time.

Let’s say we have a campaign; between June 1st and July 1st anyone bsc or eth address that purchases $kangal gets an airdrop of $teak !! How does that sound?!

We can get a lot of new buyers and increase our kangalians family. Thoughts ?


i believe if there is going to be an airdrop, all kangal hodlers should get this airdrop, not Just those Who buy within a certain date range. People may try to sell and rebuy their kangals in order to receive airdrop, which may cause price dump?

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Oh ok that’s a good point !! Thanks for replying. I’m just throwing out ideas :call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4: Keeping the community active

This is an interesting idea. But I think this idea would be more attractive when we have our sub-token ($teak/ $heep) listed on coinmarketcap.

It’s always hard for people to see the value of the sub-token when it’s value is undetermined.

Regarding to the suggestion on every Kangal holder should get a fair share of airdrop… I don’t think we have to worry too much on this concern.

I believe we are currently at a 3.3 million market cap. If this airdrop activity could increase our market cap by a quarter, the value of $kangal would increase significantly; which benefits all of the present Kangal holders.

The only concern I have, is wether if we should lock the airdropped sub-token for a amount of time…this is to prevent traders from buying in during the event and take immediate profit after the event ends.


Hey @NikkoPBG, thank you for starting this conversation! Would be great if you can follow the title style of the previous proposals by adding [Proposal] [Discussion] prefixes.

I believe an airdrop at the beginning would not be a good idea since the only way we want for the utility token supply to be created is through staking Kangal/Kangal LP.

However, some percentage of transactions done in the ecosystem (I imagine around ~1%, we will have a vote on this) will be taxed and go to DAO treasury. We could do an airdrop with this resource, would be better to do it for non-holders as a marketing move though, since Kangal holders will have a lot of resources through staking anyway.