[Proposal] [Concluded] Utility Token Name

Hey Kangalians!

The vote for the Utility Token name is near. Below is the list of the options, we excluded the ones that are already being used by other projects.

$LPGG (Loyal Protective Gentle Guardian(s))

We will create the proposals on snapshot spaces next and voting will start on April 29th, 10 PM GMT and will end on May 2nd, 10 PM GMT.

You have one last chance to get your suggestions in the list before the snapshot spaces are created, feel free to comment here. :v:

Remember that to be eligible for voting you must have KANGALs in your personal wallet before the vote starts.

The previous conversation where we gathered the suggestions:

:ballot_box: Vote on ETH side:


:ballot_box: Vote on BSC side:



Gold or diamond olabilir mi

I would like to suggest $PAWS

Actually I just looked and this has been used elsewhere very recently


My choice :blush:

Hey Fatih, letโ€™s please use English in the forum.

About your suggestions, both are used by other projects, unfortunately.

Treats is my type. Where to vote?

The vote will be on our snapshot spaces, links will be coming tonight at the time we mentioned in the first post.

Hey Kangalians,

Polls are closed, results are in!

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 01.44.49 Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 01.45.02

Option $TEAK got the most of the votes and is the winner.

Letโ€™s welcome :cut_of_meat: $TEAK to the Kangal ecosystem and continue to write our DAO history together! :v: