[Proposal] [Concluded] New logo

Hey everyone!

Our designers were working hard on our logo and here are the options!

The vote will start on April 23rd and end on the 26th.

As always, the votes will be tallied up from both chains and the results will be announced immediately after voting finishes.

Vote on ETH side:

Vote on BSC side:


Votes are in!

BSC results:
Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 01.26.42

ETH results:
Screenshot 2021-04-27 at 01.27.02

Option 2 got the most votes in total, followed by Option 4. That was a close race!

Going forward, Option 2 will be the main logo. As we mentioned before, we will keep our current logo as well on our new website to honor it, and there will also be an NFT drop special to our OG holders who will be staking their Kangals and Kangal LPs to earn utility token. :sunglasses:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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