[Proposal] [Concluded] CFD-1: Amount of Kangals to hold to be able to create visible proposals

The result of this vote will establish the minimum amount of Kangals required to hold to be able to create proposals that will be visible on the community tab of Kangal’s snapshot spaces.


Snapshot platform allows us to set a minimum score for amount of tokens needed to hold to be able to create a visible proposal. Since Kangal is community-owned, it makes sense for community to decide on this limit.

In this vote, we propose to make the starting minimum option 10M Kangals to avoid spam submissions.

Do not forget that proposals need to first go through the discussion on the community forum and should have an implementable structure.


This proposal will be created on both Snapshot (ETH) and Snapshot (BSC) spaces. The result will be finalized by tallying up the votes on both sides.

Voting will take place between 16 March and 18 March.

To be able to vote, participants should be holding Kangal in their wallets since the snapshot block number of the proposal.

Voting power is directly related to the Kangal balance of a wallet, 1 KANGAL/bKANGAL equals to 1 vote.


Option 1: 10M

Option 2: 20M

Option 3: 30M

Option 4: 40M

CFD: Community Foundation Document


Great start! What about extending the voting period?

How longs should the votes last?
  • 2 days
  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • 5 days

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That’s too bad, I don’t have enough cash to get 10 million Kangal, and I’ve been trying to keep pretty active and help out with the coin. Ten million makes me feel pretty left out due to my current financial situation.

I personally only have just over 6 million. I guess a higher number makes it feel classist to me. Not that it should be any amount of Kangal, as you’re right, it will get flooded with spam and bad ideas. But maybe 5 million Kangal? What do you guys think?


I am totally okay with adding it as an option :+1:

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What’s the purpose of the community? I think that would help determine voting thresholds. Is it to generate the best memes possible? In that case, a low bar might be acceptable. To generate “investor” value? In that case, holding KANGAL for a duration (like 30 days) might be suitable also. A lot depends on what the goals of the community are.


In my opinion, the ultimate goal itself is actually to create a community and establish a DAO. It is both for fun and profit.

Perhaps create a ‘proposal pool’ for community members holding under a certain amount? The thing is just because someone isn’t financially invested (can be many factors why) doesn’t mean they cannot contribute solid proposal ideas while growing their financial stake in the community. Just a thought - some of the best ideas come from many varied backgrounds (financially or otherwise) :+1:


Sure, that is an awesome idea. We can implement it right here in the forum.

If it’s Fun first, Profit second, then make the bar low. 1M would be fine with me. But make it so that they have to hold for a minimum of 10 days. Or else anyone can buy 1M or 10M and create chaos.

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Personally, I would suggest to make the number of tokens needed for a proposal as high as possible. This will result in only having a small group of people involving in the proposal and decision making in the early stage.

Once the community reaches constant understanding on the long term plans and goals, the community can then vote to decide to lower its minimum token requirement to submit a proposal. In this case, the community will avoid possible spams, unrealistic development suggestions, and possible attacks.

Think of this project as if we were to found a country or a revolution. It always starts with a small group of people who has a core belief or ideology. If we were to start with a large group of people, we may have difficulties reaching an understanding that fits with the majority’s interest.

If we were to lower the tokens required to make a proposal down to 1 million, I think Edelweiss made a fantastic suggestion on only giving proposal submission power to the ones who have locked their tokens for a certain period of time.

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Yes, I have similar thoughts as well.

Unfortunately, Snapshot does not have a feature related to filtering by the amount of time the tokens were held. So making the bar higher would be the only option.

About fun and profit, I can’t say which one is first because I am not the one to decide. That explanation is just what I have in my mind.

After all the comments I suggest making the options as following:

Option 1: 5M
Option 2: 10M
Option 3: 20M
Option 4: 50M
Option 5: 100M
Option 6: 250M
Option 7: 500M

And from the current state of the poll, looks like voting will last 3 days.

If everything looks okay to you, I will create the proposals on snapshot spaces around 10 PM UTC today and will share the links to proposal on both spaces.

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Hey everyone,

Proposals are live on Snapshot spaces!

ETH Side holders:

BSC Side holders:

To vote you just need to connect your wallet and select the option you want. Make sure you go to the right space and you have the correct network selected for the wallet. In case you do not see the votes after connecting your wallet, refresh the page and try again.

I am very excited that we are already at this point with our community governance features! Core team will be creating more proposals related to CFD in the short term and I am looking forward for the community to start creating draft proposals and proposals as well!


Sorry if this was answered before, but connected my Coinbase wallet with about 250K of Kangal (I have more elsewhere), tried to vote but it says I have no Kangal to vote when I do?

Do I need a minimum amount?

Thanks :+1:

Hey there, you should be able to see the amount of votes after connecting the wallet. Make sure you are on the right space & network. Also try refreshing the page after connecting the wallet and try voting again, there might be an issue on snapshot.page.

In case this doesn’t help feel free to ask help on discord server or telegram!

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Hey everyone,

The results are in!

Option with 20M got the most votes with 1.5B.
The results will take effect immediately.
We will also start documenting all results on a new section for CFD on docs.kangaltoken.com.

Thank you for being a part of the community and helping to shape it!

Results added to CDF section on docs.kangaltoken.com:
CFD-1: Number of Kangals to hold to be able to create visible proposals - Kangal Token


Thanks for summarizing, exciting :slight_smile:

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