[Proposal] [Concluded] Allow Core Team to use funds for exchange listing

The core team has agreed on terms with a global exchange for getting listed. This proposal asks the community for an allowance of $25K of funds from Community Treasury to be used for this listing.

There will also be another proposal coming shortly, on deciding the special staking APR rates and levels (related to the amount of donation) for the donors, when staking Kangal for our platform’s utility token starts.

Option 1: Allow usage of $25K of funds
Option 2: Do not allow

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Proposals are ready for voting on our snapshot spaces.

Voting will end on March 22, 9 PM UTC.



Polls are closed, results are in!

“Option 1: Allow usage of $25K of funds” got all of the votes.
The results will take effect immediately. We will use $25K of the funds for the exchange listing once we reach this amount.

The results are also added to the allowances list on the Community Treasury page of CDF.

Thank you, we are writing our meme DAO’s history together!