[Opinion Survey] Moving from kangaltoken domains to kangal.network and kangal.community

Hey Kangalians,

We wanted to find out your opinion on moving away from kangaltoken domains to kangal domains.

We would migrate to kangal.network for the main website and subdomains (blog, docs, etc.), and kangal.community for the community forum. (Yep, we own these domains)

This is not a pressing issue and would happen in future, just wanted to get your opinion on this.

Keep it Kang and let us know what you think! :v:

  • Yes, migrate to kangal.network and kangal.community at some point in future
  • Nope, keep kangaltoken.com and kangaltoken.community

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Actually I like this. Feels like the right direction.

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Kangaltoken should be said side by side with Dogecoin, let’s keep it as it is.

If I’m searching for a token that I’m unfamiliar with I always search [name] token. This is crypto and predominantly we are dealing with coins and tokens.

The Kangal token is the most important aspect of this community in terms of staking and voting plus rewards.

Network sounds like my mobile phone provider :roll_eyes: