KANGAL description discussion

Let’s continue here on the discussion related to coming up with an identity sentence/extract related to the goals of the project.

Basically, we are trying to tell our Brand Story in a single, catchy sentence.

Some examples:

Current long version:

"Kangal is a meme token turned into a DAO experiment that aims to create a community-owned decentralized applications ecosystem. Kangal holders are already able to create and vote on governance proposals, and soon will be able to stake Kangal tokens for the utility token of the ecosystem, and use it on the decentralized applications that will be powered by the utility token.

Kangal is available both on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain Mainnet."

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This can really be what we want it to be right?

Memes. Stickers. Emojis. The DAO Ecosystem that doesn’t end in OGE.

Most of the other websites stick a longer description under their identity statement, so it we could always stick the rest of that description underneath. Also I think it’s important we maintain some humor.

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Yep sure, it can be anything we want but I believe the keywords should be about the project.

As I wrote in the previous thread, it would be better if this focused on DAO, dApps, Community-owned, Community-run. Meme aspect can be conveyed as well, in sense that it was a meme token that turned into a DAO.

DAO ecosystem doesn’t work since we want to create a DAO that will work on creating a dApps ecosystem.

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I dont think we need the “Turned into DAO” Just say that Kangal is a meme/dao token. The project is new and just creating its ID- we dont need to turn into something else. This is just what it is. Turned into sounds like indecision.

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Looks like we can go with the following:


A meme DAO that aims to create a community-owned decentralized applications ecosystem.

I was really disappointed to see that the original website text had been removed. I actually bought my tokens due to the character of the Kangal dog that was stated on the website. Those characteristics must have been the reason why the founding devs chose the name in the first place. I propose there be some talk about the Kangal dog and how this community relates positively to those characteristics.

“Kangal DAO is a community that actually shares its ethos with the Kangal dog, our name is not a brand it’s a badge of trustworthiness, loyalty and protectiveness. With these characteristics in place the unity of the Kangal community welcomes you to join and help build an ecosystem of decentralized applications…”. This is just an idea. I don’t think a one sentence description works for our community.

I further make a proposal that the utility token be an acronym of the positive attributes of the Kangal dog. $LPGG which stands for loyal protective gentle guardian. Please find that alongside the other utility name proposals.

Let’s build on what the Kangal represents rather than forgetting that and being like the other communities. The Kangal project is still young as opposed the examples of the one-sentence descriptions shown above, let’s not forget that.


Hey there @Deedadeedee,

Those are great suggestions, and we can definitely update our description. Feel free to work on that more and update us here. :pray:

About the name suggestion for the token, that’s great. You can be sure we will include all ideas in the vote.

I do agree with this- a little dash of meme in this dao daap token would be a nice keep.

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