Bounty Idea Pool

Let’s gather ideas on what kind of tasks we can create to give bounties for and what amount of Kangals should be given for the work done.

  • Producing and distributing content (general blog posts etc.)
  • Social media activity
  • Educational pieces (videos, tutorials etc.)
  • Community management and moderation
  • Creation of dApps utilizing the Kangal (and later Sheep) token

also there might be multipliers for bounty amounts. for example, a nicely written reddit post (preferably posted on cryptomoonshots and satoshistreetbets) with 20-50 upvotes get X amount from bounty, and the amount might increase for 50-100 to 2X and so on

I agree with a lot of the bounties/tasks mentioned particularly:

  • social media activity (retweets allow visibility and bring new users curious about Kangal)
  • community management
  • kangal investor map (a world map displaying how far reaching $kangal has reached investor wise)

Many great ideas from the community so far! :+1:

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